Our Vision

The Northern Territory will be the major supplier of innovative, efficient and safe resources services, equipment, parts and consultancies for resources activity in the Northern Territory.

Our Mission

Promote to the Resources Industry, the diverse range of services and products available in the Northern Territory. Encourage Resources companies and their contractors to procure the majority of their services and supplies from TRSA members. Increase productivity and longevity of local businesses so extra jobs are created and our young people have more opportunities.

Our Objectives

  1. Develop and enhance the resource services industry that services oil, gas, ore and exploration in the Northern Territory.
  2. Maximise economic and other benefits generated by the resources industry for the members and the wider Northern Territory community. 
  3. Represent the Northern Territory Resources Services industry on all matters relevant to it and to protect and advance members’ interests and those of the Territory Resources Services Association.
  4. Promote the Territory Resources Services Association and the members’ capability. 
  5. Facilitate networking and information sharing to improve member benefits. 
  6. Partner with key organisations, businesses and government to develop the Territory Resources Services Association and enhance benefits to members.