Industry Capability

At first glance on the map you could be excused for thinking Katherine is just another remote outpost with limited services and basic capability. Spend time in the area and you will find this is not the case.

Local Katherine business are filled with experienced staff capable of delivering quality services and supplies, particularly in remote locations. The Katherine workforce has been successfully servicing numerous industries and supporting their growth and development.

As temping as it is to bring your own suppliers and service providers with you when operating in the Katherine region, there are drawbacks that can make it unviable to do so. 

Katherine business are locally owned and operated by long-term Territorians. Their knowledge of the region has developed over time and will continue to develop.

Local knowledge will help you and your project adapt to the region’s challenging and unique environment. Along with local knowledge, our businesses have local and external networks and alliances that can be called on at any time.

It is not always logistically easy to get to Katherine and into the surrounding region, so bringing supplies and services in from other areas can be overly expensive, complex and time consuming.

Understanding and working within the climate conditions can reduce time and expense; taking chances with those who do not know our local conditions can make or break a project.

Working remotely means added challenges and it takes a local to know the fast tracks, the cost saving options and the practical solutions.

Katherine people have a ‘can do, will do’ attitude and are both willing and prepared to do what it takes to see your project succeed.

Local businesses have the capacity to grow as required to meet the needs of large projects by using the local workforce and resources available. Our business are currently working on or have worked on mining or oil and gas projects previously and have the required accreditations for these industries.

This capability profile will help you to discover Katherine’s capability and learn about the advantages Katherine can offer your bottom line.