Materials and Product

There is wide range of quality materials and products available in the Northern Territory, supplied by local businesses, which are continuously expanding to meet growing demands.

Local suppliers can offer industrial gases, gas equipment, welding products, high purity argon. Locally manufactured polyethylene pipe of various sizes is available along with a range of certified fittings, valves and irrigations equipment. Irrigation mapping, design and installation services are also available from people experienced in water design for outback Australia.

Local quarries produce quality materials that can be used for construction materials including aggregates, road base, trench rock, pre-mix, sand and soil. These products can have quality accreditation so you know you’re getting a premium product.

All materials are transported safely and are ready to be delivered to your site with fleets of trucks and trailers.

Whether you need industrial gases, fire suppression systems, hose fittings lubrication systems, quarried rock or safety equipment, you can find the quality products and metals you need in the Northern Territory.